Lingva Kvizo

La kvizo disponeblas rete ĉe kaj tradukeblas ĉe la tradukejo de E@I (; kontaktu Matthieu Desplantes por ektraduki.

Nuntempe, la lingvoj disponeblaj rete estas 19. Al tiuj aldoniĝas la greka, kiu tradukitas sed ne disponeblas por ludi. Ĉiuj eŭropaj lingvoj (naciaj, regionaj, agnoskitaj aŭ ne) estas bonvenaj.

Priskribo de la aktivaĵo

This is an ongoing activity at our stand. The participants will enter our hub or booth and can fill in a 10-minute quiz (approximately 20 questions chosen randomly from a larger database) about the languages of Europe. The quiz will be available online, which will allow unlimited participation and instant correction of the answers, and avoid waste of paper. Currently, it is possible to play in 17 different European languages, but we plan to extend it. The participants can complete the quiz on their smartphone (we will share the link and QR Codes will be printed on flyers or posters) or on one of the computers brought by the volunteer. Once they get the results, the best respondents receive small prizes and interested people can get additional explanations about their mistakes and languages in Europe in general.

Celoj kaj rezultoj de la aktivaĵo

The objective of the activity is to increase awareness about the richness, diversity and issues related to languages in Europe. This activity serves as an introduction to language policy issues, and ultimately to TEJO’s values and to the reasons behind the political engagement of our activists.


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