Koncepto de YO!Fest

Koncepto de YO!Fest

The Yo!Fest programme for 2018 is about engaging with young people by providing a space for discussion, debate and learning. The programme focuses on topics young people find interesting and relevant using engaging and innovative methods.

The Yo!Fest programme is mindful to not just ‘talk to the youth sector’ but rather broaden the relevance to mobilise young people in to social action.

The Yo!Fest programme will bring together key stakeholders from policy areas that influence the lives of young people to engage in open, two- way dialogue. All programme content is rooted in solutions and outcomes to ensure Yo!Fest 2018 has a lasting legacy.

Lernigaj aktivaĵoj

These included in the Yo!Fest programme aim to provide young people with a new skill or deep understanding of a given topic. Learning activities take the form of:

  • Talks, interview and audience Q&A’s with influential or inspirational individuals
  • Debates that focus on a controversial issue with difference sides of the debate represented
  • Educational workshops that raise awareness about a topic through an engaging medium
  • Artistic or cinematic performances that focus on address a topic

Engaĝigaj aktivaĵoj

These are designed to directly influence key stakeholders, politicians or policy. Engagement activities can take the form of:

  • Activities that provide direct interaction between stakeholders and participants
  • Workshops that help young people structure their ideas to influence policy

Ĝenerala koncepto de la budejoj (hubs)

Objectives will be in line with the Yo!Fest 2018 concept note: we must create a meaningful space for discussions that are solution-orientated with outcomes that contribute to the Yo!Fest legacy. The issues that will be discussed and the objectives we strive to achieve must be focused on young people.

Each hub will focus on 4-5 issues, and activities that will be organised in those hubs will tackle solutions to those issues. The themes of the hubs (set by the European Parliament) will be interpreted in a positive and constructive way.