Rapidkurso de Esperanto

Tiu ĉi aktivaĵo ĉe la oficiala paĝo de YO!Fest:

Priskribo de la aktivaĵo

Through a light and funny crash course, the participants (up to 25) will learn in 60-90 minutes the basis of the Esperanto language and some important sentences. The teaching method will focus on the development of confidence in learning and speaking a foreign language, and helpers will be present in the audience in order to facilitate the exercises and create a more personal atmosphere. The two young trainers will also explain the history and the core values of the Esperanto community, its present and its future. Is Esperanto really that easy? Let’s find out with our Esperanto crash course!

Outline: 1) Introduction about the history and pacifist meaning of Esperanto 2) How does Esperanto work? Notions of grammar and morphology 3) Let’s try to speak Esperanto! Short spoken and written exercises 4) Question time and distribution of further materials.

There will be at least 2 sessions during the event, preferably 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon on different days. We can offer this course in several languages, for example in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Czech (one single language per session).

Celoj kaj rezultoj de la aktivaĵo

The direct objectives are to teach the basis of the international language Esperanto and to demonstrate how easy it is to learn. The course builds on one of TEJO’s purposes: to develop the use of the neutral language Esperanto as a means for international and interpersonal communication without intermediation, with a focus on the specificities of youth. It represents a unique, fun and meaningful experience between a workshop, an educational and a cultural activity – as it won’t be a “top-down” conference but a participative discovery of Esperanto and its culture. Therefore, we expect that it will spark young people’s interest in Esperanto and in TEJO.


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