Senpagaj kuketoj

Tiu ĉi aktivaĵo estis novinventita de Ana Strecu, volontulino de TEJO dum la akademia jaro 2016/2017. La flugfolioj realigitaj de Ariel Palmer, necesaj por organizi ĝin, troviĝas ĉi tie:

Priskribo de la aktivaĵo

We will make flyers (100 to 200) and 2-3 of our volunteers will spread them amongst the participants, for a couple of hours each day, inviting them to come and get free cookies. The flyers will be folded in half. The exterior will only say in English “Come and get your free cookies” and on the inside there will be instructions on where to find the free cookies in languages which are “less popular” (for example: Basque, Breton, Walliser German) and another section called Others which will say “It’s frustrating to not have information in your language, isn’t it? Unfortunately this occurs in situations that involve more than just cookies. Language discrimination is more present than we think, but over time we got used to it. Keep an eye out and see where you can spot it.” We will also include a subtext inviting them to join our Quiz, Esperanto course and/or Cucumberia game in order to discuss the language discrimination situation that they have just experienced and talk more about such topics (we will also have cookies).

Celoj kaj rezultoj de la aktivaĵo

The idea is for participants to get a taste of language discrimination and make them consider how uncomfortable such situations are. For many of them, it might even be the first time they experience it. There will be a few cookies hidden somewhere on the festival grounds (for example, in other booths/hubs) for those who manage to understand the text. But our target group includes the ones that do not understand the text and will be invited (through instructions on the flyer) to join the Esperanto class and/or the Cucumberia roleplay game, where we will have discussions about issues such as language discrimination (and cookies).


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